Lewes Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

Lewes Branch

Chairperson: Vincent Tickner
Vice Chair: Gaby Weiner
Secretary: Belinda Chapman
Treasurer: Richard Baskott
Membership officer: Peter Murphy
Member Rep (EC & GC): Emily Clarke 
Member Rep (EC & GC): Judith Colquhoun
Member Rep (EC): Gill Short 
Member Rep (EC): Sam Pope


Chairperson: Emilia Ransom
Vice Chair: Jane Thomas
Secretary: Lin Heyworth
Treasurer: Richard Baskott
Women’s Officer: Maggie Symons
Youth Officer: Frank Chamberlain
Membership Secretary (Acting): John Jefferis

 Seaford, Newhaven, Alfriston & Polegate (SNAP) Branch

Chair: Teresa O’Brien

A Labour Party member since the 1980s in Greater Manchester, Teresa joined the SNAP branch in 2013 and acted as Treasurer for 2 years before becoming Chair in 2017.