How important is your child’s education to you?

Thought so.

So why should we put up with CUTS to such an important service? You didn’t know about the cuts? It’s all down to the Government’s new National Funding Formula which kicks in from 2018/19 and hasn’t exactly been given a fanfare by the Conservative Party or the media.

Across the whole of East Sussex, over £18m will be cut from the schools budget by 2019. That’s equivalent to losing £298 for every pupil, the equivalent of wages for 487 teachers.*

Check out this interactive tool to see how much money YOUR school will lose and how many teachers’ jobs are therefore at risk.
Just type in your town or postcode and then click on your school


* This data has been collected by six different Unions involved in education getting together – yes, Unions do a LOT of amazing work on everyone’s behalf. This study uses OFFICIAL published Department for Education data to calculate cuts. The Government published figures for school budgets for the first year of the introduction of the National Funding Formula (2018/19) and when the NFF is fully bedded in. This enables the calculation for the amount of funding for schools for 2019/20, by capping the maximum increase from 2018/19 to 2019/20 at 2.5% as stated in the ministerial statement. These cuts really are going to happen.