Constituency Facts

Lewes Labour is comprised of two Branches: Lewes and Seaford. Newhaven, Alfriston & Polegate(SNAP)

We currently have around 1500 members.

At the General Election in 2017, Labour had its best performance in Lewes since 1979 with 11.2% of the vote. And that was in the context of significant tactical voting where many would-be Labour voters once more lent their vote to the LibDems (we know, we know) to try and remove the Tory MP and where many of our active campaigners put most of their time into the neighbouring Hove and Kemptown seats, with great success. Alas, in Lewes, the Tory MP retained her seat. But whenever the next election is, 100% of our effort will put behind massively increasing the Labour vote still further and putting us in a position to eventually win the seat.

Join us!