Canvassing – Out and About With Emily in Castle Ward

Since getting an early start last May, we have now canvassed the whole of Castle Ward. We’re beginning to look at the data and focus in on our Labour promises plus those who are looking like they might be persuaded but are not quite there yet. We will then knock on their doors a second time to try to persuade them to vote Labour. We are also trying out some techniques we’ve not used here before, for example the day after postal votes land on peoples door mats, a personalised letter from me, reminding them of my name and manifesto will be delivered. A huge effort has been put in and for the first time since the late 70s there’s a chance we might elect a Labour Councillor in the town of Lewes.

If door knocking isn’t your idea of fun, there are 3 simple and quick things you can do to make a difference to our chances of winning in Castle:

  • Display a poster in your window – email Emily on to have one delivered to you.
  • Share the blog on your social media.
  • Deliver some personalised letters in the week beginning 15th April to win us some postal votes – email Emily to arrange a short delivery round to postal voters closest to where you live.

The more we speak to people, the more we’re persuading them that it’s time for a change in Castle. More and more electors who usually vote for a different party are agreeing to lend me a vote this time. Door knocking is making a real difference, so please consider joining us. Here are the following weekend dates for door knocking in Castle Ward. Weekday evenings will be added and sent out separately when confirmed:

Saturday 6th April 2pm
Tues 9th April 6pm
Thurs 11th April 6pm
Sun 14th April 10.30am
Mon 15th April 6pm
Thurs 18th April 6pm
Sat 20th April 10.30am
Thurs 25th April 6pm
Sun 28th April Super Sunday

Thursday 2nd May is Election Day and we’ll be operating two GOTV sessions, where we’ll knock on the doors of all of our Labour promises to ensure that they go out and vote, come rain or shine! The first session will be at 4pm and the second session will be at 7pm meeting at North Street.

Thursday 11th April we will be operating a Phone Bank to our Castle Ward members from 7pm at North Street.

We now have a candidate facebook page, which you can find HERE. We encourage our members to like and share this page with others, whether they are in Castle Ward or not, as everything can help make the difference.

A big thank you to everyone who is giving up their time on the door steps and behind the scenes. We can do this!