Lewes Labour – an apology

Lewes Labour would like to issue a correction to the newsletter recently distributed by the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Ringmer & Lewes Bridge division (in the forthcoming East Sussex County Council elections, May 4th).

Labour voters are not, in fact, ‘lending their support to the Lib Dems’ in this local election. Far from it. The winning candidate in 2013 only received 1,103 votes and since then the number of Labour Party members in Lewes has rocketed to over a thousand. As the party with by far the biggest local membership, we are hopeful that our excellent candidates can get elected and carry on doing the fantastic work they are already doing for their local communities. We apologize for any confusion caused by other parties which we assume was ill-informed rather than ill-intended.

Labour voters in Lewes have noted that the last time they ‘lent’ their votes to the LibDems, that party went and gave it to the Tories by forming a coalition Government – if I lend my ladder to a neighbour, I don’t expect him to lend it to a burglar to ransack my house.

Please do make sure you’ve registered to vote, by April 13th. You can do it in just five minutes online at the website www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

You can register for a postal vote by 18th April – details of how to do it are here.

If you want Labour, vote Labour. Local people fighting for local public services.

Our candidate for Ringmer & Lewes Bridge is the amazing Belinda Chapman. For Lewes (Town), our candidate is the indefatigable Emily Clarke.