For The Many, Not The Few

By membership, Lewes Labour is now the biggest political movement in Lewes with around 1,500 members. Does that surprise you?

Lewes is a relatively affluent area so why Labour?

The Lewes District is suffering from the politics of austerity that affect the rest of the country: Poor and unaffordable housing, insufficient social care, low wages, zero hours contracts and substandard public transport. These are just a few reasons why people in our urban and rural areas have had enough.

So what are Lewes Labour doing to change things for the better? Nationally The Labour Party has produced a  manifesto that has given voters a very clear choice for the first time in a generation. The end to austerity and the growth of social justice.

Locally we are a party for all members of the community, including the young and elderly in everything we do. We fight for justice together, help to feed each other and celebrate the good times together. We are a party of hope, and believe that together we can really make a change for the better in our communities.

Opening  by Lynne Segal Long-Standing Socialist-Feminist, Lynne’s Most Recent Book Radical Happiness: Moments Of Collective Joy
The day then divides into 4 themed workshops each aiming via performance, presentation and skills-sharing to provide practical outcomes towards putting on a ‘Paint the Town Red’ event in a town

Music with Joe Solo award-winning folk singer, punk rocker, rabble-rousing co-founder of the ‘We Shall Overcome’ musical anti-austerity movement.

Spoken Word with Janine Booth as The Big J Janine was part of the ranting poetry movement in the 1980s. In 2014, Janine, now a trade union activist with the RMT and co-Chair of the TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee took up the muse again, performing as an angry middle-aged woman poet. The Picket Line Poets collective will be on hand to add their know-how towards creating a night mixing politics, poetry and pints.
Children’s activities with Michael Rosen, Jane Rosen and Kim Reynolds reading from and answering children’s questions (grown ups at our discretion) about the book they edited together Reading and Rebellion : An Anthology of Radical Writing for Children 1900-1960.
Graphic Design with Kevin Kennedy Ryan founder of Labour Party Graphic Designers, an independent network of creatives, Kevin’s presentation will explore the best art and design produced by the past and present Left. And then a Labour Party Graphic Designers group workshop to help develop localised visual identities for CLP’s ‘Paint the Town Red’ events
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