For The Many, Not The Few


By membership, Lewes Labour is now the biggest political movement in Lewes with around 1,500 members. Does that surprise you?


Lewes may be in the ‘affluent south’ but that is just a misleading generalisation. The constituency of Lewes stretches from Seaford and Newhaven through Lewes and up to just short of Uckfield – west to east, it covers the area between Ditchling across to Chalvington. And in our area, many people suffer from poor or unaffordable housing; from low-paid employment and zero hours contracts; from VERY poor public transport; from insufficient Social Care and all of the other cuts that affect the rest of the country.

In the last few years hundreds of people in this part of East Sussex joined Labour for the first time or re-joined, seeing that the party was now a true force for social justice in a way that perhaps it had moved away from in recent years. Because, quite simply, they’ve had enough and they see no prospect of the Conservative Government switching away from its disastrous and grossly unfair ‘austerity’ plan.

Because so many people are now desperate for change, for social justice. The Labour Party manifesto has given voters a very clear choice for the first time in a generation.

And the last General Election saw a surge in the youth vote. We would love to see as many of those young voters as possible join Lewes Labour and help shape our national policies and local activities.


Broken Dreams – 40 Years on


The General Election of 3rd May 1979 saw the election of a Conservative government under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, who became Britain’s first female Prime Minister. In that election, more women than men voted for Mrs Thatcher. What hopes and dreams did those women have of their first woman Prime Minister? With the implementation of Thatcher’s neoliberal policies what happened to women’s lives? Are women still being affected by those policies and what needs to be done to achieve gender equality now? These and other issues will be discussed at our special Open Meeting to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

* * * * *